UK doctors making the most of health information technology


Information technology has had a big impact on everyday tasks in the healthcare sector in countries around the world, but it's being used more in some nations than in others.

According to the 2012 Commonwealth International Healthy Policy survey, it is UK doctors that are leading the way when it comes to IT services.

The research reveals that more than two-thirds of GPs in the UK are working in a practice that has multi-functional capacity.

This means they can carry out a range of tasks electronically, such as ordering prescription and diagnostic tests online or generating patient information electronically.

By contrast, less than a third of US physicians and only one in ten of those in Canada said their systems have multi-functional capacity.

Commenting on the findings, health secretary Jeremy Hunt said: "I am pleased that our GPs are doing very well when it comes to using electronic medical records and enabling patients to make appointments online.

"I have set out in the NHS Mandate that I want all patients by 2015 to be able to book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions and talk to GP practices online. This will help people better manage their health and care."