One billion hack attempts predicted in Q4 2012


The fourth quarter of this year could signal a new milestone for hackers, with one billion attempts expected to be made worldwide during this period.

According to information security form NCC Group, there were 981 million hacks attempted globally during the third quarter of 2012.

This was an increase of 23 million on the second quarter and comes after four more consecutive three-monthly increases.

The Origin of Hacks report claims there is no sign of this upward trend abating, which means that between October and December this year attempts are likely to exceed one billion.

Commenting on the figures, Rob Cotton, chief executive of NCC group, said: "Passing the one billion mark is a milestone no-one should be proud of.

"We've had copious initiatives and plans announced in the last quarter from bodies and governments aimed at addressing this issue, but the urgency just doesn't seem to correlate with the growing threat."

The report shows that one in five hack attempts come from the United States, while the biggest growth in hacking has been witnessed in Russia and China.