OS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual

David Pogue

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Reviewed by

Uma Kanagaratnam MBCS


10 out of 10

Navigating a new OS that has about 200 new features without a manual to guide you (particularly if you are a novice) is a big challenge.

Pogue’s brilliance is that he knows his OS well and is able to share many useful tips in a simple manner to all level users, from beginner to expert.

The book is split into six parts: the OS X desktop, programs in OS X, components of OS X, technologies of OS X, OS X online and lastly, but not least, the appendixes.

There are ‘note, tip, up to speed sections’ and screen shots help the reader visualise the author’s points. By the end part 1 a reader would be competent in navigating the desktop.

Part 2 looks at ways to run new apps, share data and the dashboard - a new widget browser, encrypted backups and running windows OS. The author’s step-by-step guide to installing Win 7 is very comprehensive.

In part 3 we look at system preferences including the various accessories, for example calculator, calendar, airplay, game centre and iTunes. Part 4 steers the reader through security, including gatekeeper, which gives you security options for downloading and installing apps and also quick time player.

In part 5 we explore iCloud, Safari and Mail. The final part is divided into four appendixes, which include a walkthrough of installing OS X, troubleshooting, a Win - Mac dictionary and lastly a secret keystroke list.

The book is a very informative manual for users of all levels and scores 10/10 in terms of content and value for money.

Further information: O'Reilly

November 2012