Researchers develop new anti-spam method


Researchers at Concordia University are working on a new method of spam filtering which they claim could represent a complete cure for the problem of unsolicited emails.

The team have analysed a number of different anti-spam methods and found that none of them are sophisticated enough to completely block today's hi-tech spam.

Indeed, they pointed out that in the past, unsolicited emails were largely text based, whereas now they use layers of images designed to fool automatic filters.

Today's spam messages can deliberately obscure text and obfuscate words with symbols to get around filtering and make their way into people's inboxes.

"The majority of previous research has focused on the textual content of spam emails, ignoring visual content found in multimedia content," explained study supervisor Ola Amayri.

"By considering patterns from text and images simultaneously, we've been able to propose a new method for filtering out spam."

Ola and her team have published their findings in a series of online peer-reviewed journals.