New paper-thin tablet on the way


The 'paper-free' craze that has been sweeping the technological world for the last few years could be set for a new twist, as a revolutionary tablet, which has all the physical properties of paper, is about to be launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Developed by a team from Queen's university in Canada in collaboration with Plastic Logic and Intel Labs, the new PaperTab is being promoted as a more efficient and convenient way of managing multiple documents in comparison to traditional tablets.

Whereas computers and tablets require each document to exist in a separate window, PaperTab separates them into different 'sheets'.

Each sheet will be capable of holding a single document, allowing users to flick through pages simply by bending it.

Documents can then be transferred from one sheet to another by tapping them against each other, meaning each PaperTab effectively works like a digital piece of paper rather than a tablet.