Activities and plans

4 December 2012, CMA

Events involving volunteer members of CMA Strategic Board, CMA representatives and CMA Events. If any member has a topic they wished to be raised at any future meetings please contact the Chairman.


  • 5th: UK TI British Embassy
  • 6th: CMA Quarterly Strategic Board Meeting
  • 11th: UKTI Olympic Champions Meeting
  • 11th: Westminster e-Forum "UK Broadband"
  • 11th: Ofcom/CMA Bimonthly meeting
  • 12th: Nominet.UK Stakeholders Committee Meeting
  • 12th: BCS PPAB (Policy and Public Affairs Board) meeting
  • 24th: CMA Delegation visit to Nominet UK, Oxford
  • 28th: Judging BCS Excellence Awards (Innovative Mobile App category)


  • 1st: CMA Strategic Board Conf Call
  • 2nd: Foundation for Information Society (FISP) meeting
  • 15th: BCS/CMA Membership Group Meeting
  • 16th: BCS membership Group Convention
  • 17th: UKTI Olympics Legacy Meeting
  • 17th: PICTFor (Parliamentary ICT Forum) Event
  • 18th: Nominet.UK Stakeholder Conference Call
  • 24th: MDA Mobile Broadband Conference
  • 28th: IET Briefing


  • 1st: FISP Meeting
  • 8th: CMA Board Meeting
  • 12th: Nominet Stakeholder Conference Call
  • 14th: CMA membership Transition Planning Meeting
  • 14th: BCS UK Industry Awards Dinner
  • 16th: IAAC "Internet of Things" workshop
  • 22nd: BOYD Workshop postponed
  • 23rd: CMA website transition planning meeting
  • 27th: Ofcom/CMA Bimonthly Meeting
  • 27th: PICTFor Event
  • 28th: IET Briefing

December Planned Activities

If any member has a topic they wished to be raised concerning future Board meetings/events/visits please contact the CMA Chairman (

  • 5th: Stakeholder Committee Meeting
  • 6th: UK Infrastructure Conference London - CMA Chairman on Broadband Enabled Transformation of the UK Economy
  • 10th: ICT KTN Event
  • 11th: BCS PPAB quarterly meeting

CMA Activities and Events Calendar 2013

Please make a note in your diary of the planned events for the first half of 2013. If you have ideas about events/visits/workshops you would like the CMA to arrange please contact the CMA Chairman with your suggestions. We welcome members input on ICT related professional, technology and business application ideas that you feel would be of interest to the membership.

  • 31st Jan: Half day Workshop: "The Cloud, BYOD and IPR - What do you own now?". More and more data is being handled on devices not provided by the business. More and more data is being handled within cloud services outside of the business. The ownership of this information is becoming more and more complex. This CMA workshop, on 31st January (12:30 - 16:45) in London, explores the impact of third party cloud services and employees devices on the operation of a business.
  • 28th February: Evening Networking Event: In planning, Mobile Devices for Business - A Beauty Contest. Potentially CMA Members Vote on the items presented
  • 21st March: Half day Workshop: In planning - "Security and SIP Trunking"
  • 25th April: Evening Networking Event: In planning
  • 21st May: Evening Networking Event: In planning
  • 18th June: CMA Annual Conference - UK Digital Health Check: Infrastructure for the UK Digital Agenda Progress report

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