Criteria for Membership as a Registered Consultant

12 October 2008, John Taylor

1. Membership of the Consultancy Forum is open to all CMA members.

Any member of the CMA who expresses an interest in consultancy issues may nominate themselves for membership of the Consultancy Forum, as they may for any other Forum or Special Interest Group (SIG).

2. Membership as a CMA Registered Consultant is limited to practising Consultants with at least one years membership of the CMA, up to the date of application, as a Full Member or Fellow

2.1 Members must demonstrate their Experience as an ICT Consultant with:

At least 2 years experience, up to the date of application, as an ICT management consultant solely responsible for the successful delivery of client assignments and at least 6 assignments completed with different clients, in that period.

2.2 Members may lodge a current CV on the CMA website. The CV will be in a standard format and will be required to be updated at least every year.

2.3 Other Conditions

Signing a commitment to work according to the CMA Consultancy Code of Practice
The prompt submission of current contact and other details when called upon by the CMA Secretariat to maintain their details up to date on the CMA website.

2.4 Note

“Internal consultants”, or salaried employees of non-consultancy organisations, are not eligible to be a CMA Registered Consultant, but may be members of the Consultancy Forum.

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