BCS visits groundbreaking Academy

18 January 2013

Richard French (Director of Educational Policy) visited ESSA Academy in Bolton to see how they have embraced digital skills with their recent move to provide every student and member of staff with a tablet device while removing traditional learning materials from the Academy.

This has brought many benefits to the skills that the pupils are learning and to the way they are taught. It has also removed significant cost out of the typical school budget and has delivered many 'green' benefits with paper and energy consumption both being reduced.

Richard said 'I welcomed the opportunity to visit ESSA Academy and to see first hand how the pupils, the staff and the community are benefiting from the use of tablet devices to teach digital skills to all pupils'.

Abdul Chohan (ESSA Academy Director) said 'this is groundbreaking for us and we look forward to working with BCS to continue promoting digital skills both here at ESSA and in the wider UK. It is essential for citizens and the UK economy that digital skills are taught to every age group'.