Megaupload chief to launch new site


The founder of file sharing website Megaupload is to launch a new service this weekend, precisely a year after the previous site was shut down.

Kim Dotcom's new project, named simply 'Mega', will offer users 50MB of free storage space, which is considerably more than the 7GB of free space offered by SkyDrive and the 2GB offered by Dropbox.

In an attempt to avoid the legal complications that resulted in the closure of Megaupload, Mega will encrypt and decrypt all files so that only the user who uploads them will be able to access them.

Megaupload was previously shut down by the US government after it emerged that the site had facilitated large amounts of illegal file sharing, resulting in a significant loss of earnings for copyright holders.

Mega will go live this Saturday (January 20th), and Mr Dotcom – whose real name is Kim Schmitz – says there is no chance of the site being shut down by the authorities due to its cutting-edge file encryption method.