Working the crowd (2nd ed)

Eileen Brown

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Alex McLachlan MBCS, Senior Consultant


9 out of 10

Working the Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business (Second Edition)This is a good, practical guide to using social media in business and the challenges for businesses to create a coherent plan in the face of the ever changing nature of social media - ‘living in the world of perpetual beta’.

This second edition of Eileen Brown’s book has 13 chapters, which fall roughly into five main sections.

The first three chapters discuss strategy and planning, explaining that social media needs to be approached for the long term, giving to the community rather than expecting instant returns.

The next part of the book looks at tools and networks. This covers the main socials networks and how businesses should think of using them, and some of the essential tools for businesses to manage the networks they are engaging through.

The middle part of the book - chapters 6-9 - discusses brand and reputation. Brown emphasises that the approach must be honest, authentic and rapid. There is a helpful section on using social media for recruitment (both from the point of view of a company recruiting and from an individual’s point of view).

Chapters 10-12 then look at a number of issues to do with scaling - amplifying a company’s message for a global audience, using Twitter and marketing issues, such as building engagement levels.

The final short chapter looks forward - always a challenge. It addresses the use of mobile and gives a brief mention to Google+ (which would have more detail if this was being written today).

The book is particularly strong on advice on using social media as a marketing tool and the issues that companies need to consider in using social media. The only slight negative is that, being a second edition, there is some information that is a little dated, which I assume is some of the first edition material that is still present - it maybe needed a little more editing.

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January 2013