Bids, Proposals and Tenders. Succeeding with effective writing

David Nickson

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Peter Daly BA CEng MBCS CITP


8 out of 10

Bids, Proposals and Tenders: Succeeding with Effective WritingThis is only a short book and that makes it easy to read and digest.

It is quite repetitive, but that’s expected because the author is constantly pushing the bullet points of conciseness, focus, targeting the audience and how to use active rather than passive language to create a bid document.

At only 140 pages you can read it in a couple of hours to get the quick overview and then focus in on the chapters that may require more of your attention.

It does not cover all the details of tendering because that’s not its purpose and (for example) the legal parts of proposals must be more rigid in the use of language.

This is also a positive thing because it does not side-line the main arguments, but makes you aware that this book is not a complete treatment of the subject.

The only criticism I can really make is that it lacks real worked examples; much of the examples are anecdotal rather than giving much in the way of details and this does leave the reader wondering how to craft various sections of a bid. A few examples would not have gone amiss.

If you want an easily readable overview of writing bids then this book does what it says on the cover.

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February 2013