Employer Ownership of Skills Pilot

12 February 2013

BCS is encouraging companies to take part in the employer ownership of skills pilot being run by The UK commission for employment and skills.

The Employer Ownership of Skills pilot is a competitive fund open to employers to invest in their current and future workforce in England. Employers are invited to develop proposals that raise skills, create jobs, and drive enterprise and economic growth. Government will invest in projects in which employers are also prepared to commit their own funds in order to make better use of our combined resources.

Richard French, Director of Educational Policy at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT said: ‘we believe strongly that all organisations should invest in their employees with training, particularly in digital literacy as it has increasingly been shown to retain staff and make them more satisfied with their employer and therefore able to contribute significantly to the performance of the organisation.

Richard continued: ' I encourage organisations to access this fund wherever possible'.

For more information go online to: Employment Ownership of Skills Pilot