BCS visits global headquarters of the Foundation responsible for its leading vocational qualification

15 February 2013

Richard French, BCS Director of Educational Policy, visited the global headquarters of ECDL Foundation in Dublin where he met ECDL Foundation Chief Executive Damien O’Sullivan to discuss the ongoing success of ECDL.

In the UK, 71% more learners completed ECDL Essentials this year compared to last. Richard and Damien also discussed how ECDL's success is helping BCS with its digital literacy programme.

Richard highlighted the significant value ECDL provides towards employability. Employers increasingly require verification of digital literacy and ECDL is widely seen as meeting that standard.

Damien shared the plans for ECDL and how it will continue to grow in popularity for all ages and at all levels.

Richard shared with Damien the plans for his digital literacy programme at BCS and the pivotal role that ECDL will play in the programme.

Richard said 'Digital literacy is a key component of any employability skills package, BCS is ideally positioned to lead the drive to raise the standards of digital literacy and is delighted to see the ongoing success of ECDL within that programme’.

Damien, delighted with the ongoing relationship with BCS said 'BCS and ECDL Foundation continue to enjoy success with the complete range of ECDL qualifications and the Foundation looks forward to contributing to the digital literacy programme at BCS'.