Managing the Unmanageable

Mickey W. Mantle & Ron Lichty

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Sreerekha Bakaraju MBCS, Software Professional


9 out of 10

This book deals with the rules and tools for managing software teams and describes the management challenges, priorities, issues and their solutions.  

This is an excellent book for learning managerial techniques and gives a lot of insight into the different stages of the software development life cycle, starting from project initiation, hiring employees and engineers, working with them, dealing with experienced and inexperienced team members, project delivery and making a project successful.

The authors give real solutions and examples from their project management experience and explain how they’ve successfully dealt with the challenges and issues they faced in managing software projects. 

This book is divided into nine chapters, each detailing a specific topic, from understanding programmers, finding and hiring great programmers, upward and downward management, to how to motivate programmers, creating a successful programming culture and ensuring successful software delivery.

In my opinion, chapter 6 is the essence of this book. It deals with successful management through time and priority management, recognising personal styles, managing yourself, management as career, and includes things such as meeting planning guides and email etiquette.

The tool section in this book provides a collection of useful tools, checklists, forms, and reports. They can also be downloaded from web.

Further information: Addison-Wesley

February 2013