A Practical Approach to Large-Scale Agile Development

Gary Gruver, Mike Young, Pat Fulghum

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Reviewed by

Adrian M. Rossi, PhD, CTO & Founder ARC Inc., NeuralWorks, Inc.


10 out of 10

This book describes the real-world case study of the transformation within HP from waterfall development to an iterative, agile approach for their firmware.

The language and style are conversational, and in places some topics could use more depth and explanation. But none of this really matters to a practitioner, because this book, to a software architect such as myself, is priceless.

The reason? It is a factual capturing of decisions, mistakes and rationale for an effort that spanned three years at HP and that successfully transformed how their firmware was developed within the whole organization.

This type of information, including lessons learned, is invaluable to organisations who might be considering a move to agile. For this reason alone, it is worth a read at any price, because the wisdom in this book could very well save organisations millions in costly mistakes and misadventures.

Not all of what is in this book may apply to other verticals, but certainly many of the lessons regarding how to manage iterative development, how to motivate the correct behaviour in your employees, and in particular how to scale agile to over 400 developers spread across multiple countries, is universal.

Further information: Addison-Wesley

March 2013