Message from Roger Marshall, BCS President

2 April 2013

It was my great honour to be appointed as BCS President at the AGM on 13 March.

The theme for my year as President is ‘Engagement with students and young professionals’. We have several projects under way which should serve to make BCS membership more attractive to those embarking on a career in IT, which I will describe in future articles. If you have any ideas on what our priorities should be please let me know.

The biggest success we have had recently is in getting computing into the school curriculum for England. This is from a situation just a year ago where the old subject of ICT was to be dropped and nothing put in its place.

Computer science will be the fourth science subject, to sit alongside biology, chemistry and physics and will be taught from primary level. The challenge for us now is to get sufficient teachers trained in a subject that will include systems design, coding, information management, security and business computing, but there are plans for a rapid upscaling in teachers' skills, led by BCS.

Chartered IT Professional is our gold standard qualification, carrying as it does certification of current competency at SFIA Level 5. We already had processing agreements with other organisations, whereby their members or employees can achieve partial accreditation, and recently we have extended this by licensing the IET to award CITP.

We want to encourage all people working in IT to attain a professional qualification as well as vendor-specific ones and to this end we are committed to adding a SFIA Level 3 qualification to our portfolio.

I aim to write regularly for eBCS during my Presidential year and you might like to follow me on Twitter @BCSPres2013.

Roger Marshall