Introducing Windows 8

Jerry Honeycutt

Published by

Microsoft Press





Reviewed by

Uma Kanagaratnam MBCS, Application Support Specialist


7 out of 10

The latest edition to the Microsoft family is Windows 8 with its most significant change noted over the user interface.

Some of the new features include Hyper-V, Internet Explorer 10, Ribbon in File Explorer and Task Manager. The author of this book gives the reader a brief introduction to this new and powerful OS.

There are 11 concise chapters in the book, each focusing on a specific area of enhancement in Windows 8.

The author kicks off with on overview of Windows 8 in chapter1. Next, the reader is given a walk-through of the improvements available. This is followed by a review of the plans to deploy the OS.

In chapter 6 the reader gets an overview of the Windows apps that are available from the Windows store. Windows app is a new feature that signifies the use of the new user interface within the OS.

The recovery features have been enriched in Windows 8. The author gives a highlight of these in chapter 8. In the next chapters, the author explores the variety of new and improved tools for Windows 8 management, for example PowerShell 3.0 and Group Policy.

Security has always been a primary focus and Windows 8 has implemented Trusted Boot and Measured Boot to protect the Windows boot process.

In the penultimate chapter, Internet Explorer 10 is reviewed and finally, in chapter 11 we look at virtualisation.

The layout throughout the book is consistent and there is a summary section at the end of each chapter. Note and Tip sections are dotted throughout the book to attract the reader’s attention. 

As the book is short many useful links are provided in the more info section. Screen prints accompanying the text would have been easier on the eye of the reader had they been in colour.

The book scores 7 / 10 in terms of content and value for money as it is also available as a free e-book from Microsoft download centre.

Further information: Microsoft Press

April 2013