Naked Project Management - The Bare Facts

Dennis Lock

Published by

Gower Publishing Ltd





Reviewed by

Mike Rees IT Consultant MBCS CITP


10 out of 10

This is a very basic introduction to project management ‘stripped down to its bare facts’. It is aimed at beginners and students alike, and is intended to ‘whet appetites’.

The main project types and project life cycles are described. A case study is used to demonstrate the key stages of a project, including

  • Work breakdown
  • Costing and estimating
  • Project organisation
  • Project planning and scheduling (with a brief look at critical path analysis)
  • Contracts
  • Managing and monitoring projects
  • Special projects - projects out of control and business change projects
  • Project debriefing

The case study involves a local authority project to create a children’s playground in a public park. It is rather manufactured and, incredibly, the project is completed on time and within budget!

Whilst IT projects are not covered specifically, the fundamentals of project management covered within the scope of the book are still applicable. There are only a few references to project management software, and references to project management methodologies only appear at the end of the book in ‘Further Reading’.

A lot of thought obviously went into the production of the book - it’s unfussy, well laid out, compact, easy to read and not overly lengthy. For its intended audience it should provide an excellent, value-for-money, basic introduction to the subject.

Further information: Gower Publishing Ltd

May 2013