Console wars commence


Following Microsoft's announcement of the Xbox One in May, Sony has spilled some more beans on its new console and actually shown it off at E3 games conference in Los Angeles.

When Sony revealed that the PS4 was coming out later this year all it showed off was the controller, now it has shown off the console itself and shed some light on what it can do.

The internal specifications were released in February when it was announced, but Sony has now stated how much it will retail for, and more interestingly how it will differ from Microsoft's Xbox One.

Whereas it was unclear as to whether gamers could play pre-owned games on the Xbox One and how often the console needs to be connected to the internet, Microsoft has recently clarified this.

The Xbox One will be always on, gamers can use it offline but they will need to sign in every few days. As for reselling games, this will be possible but only through approved resellers and you will only be able to pass games on to friends who have been in your friends list for more than 30 days.

When it comes to the PS4 it was as if Sony had spies in Microsoft towers because it is the direct opposite of the Xbox One. It isn't always on, you can resell and pass on games to your friends and it will be £80 cheaper than the Xbox One at launch.

The PS4 will set you back £350 with the Xbox One available at £430. Both consoles will be on sale for the Christmas period, but even before they are out the next generation console wars have started and it looks as though Sony has landed the first hit.

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