Database Administration (2nd ed)

Craig S. Mullins

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Reviewed by

Sreerekha Bakaraju MBCS, Software Professional


10 out of 10

This book is a guide to the discipline of modern database administration and gives detailed instructions and requirements of database administration.  It is an excellent book for learning database administration activities, processes and procedures.

All stages from creating a database to managing and maintaining the database are detailed. This book is useful for novice DBAs, database professionals and system administrators.

The author gives real-time solutions and examples from database administration experience and explains how to successfully deal with the problems and issues of managing and maintaining databases in software projects. 

This book consists of 24 chapters, each detailing a specific topic, such as roles and responsibilities of database administrator; database design; database change management; performance management systems; database and application performances; database security, and rules of thumb for databases such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and Sybase. This book also gives a comprehensive sequential overview of a DBA job.

The appendix section provides an extremely useful list of DBMS vendors, DBA tool vendors, DBA web resources, and sample DBA job postings.

Further information: Addison-Wesley

July 2013