The Modern Web

Peter Gasston

Published by

No Starch Press     





Reviewed by

Raj Sharma MBCS CITP, SharePoint Consultant


9 out of 10

The Modern Web outlines current web development trends using HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The main objective of the book is to equip the user with a range of skills to develop functionality on a variety of different browsing platforms by building on key ideas and concepts.

The author gives plenty of ‘real-word’ examples along with hints and tips in order to plan content and develop modern, effective websites.

Not only will this book help create new dynamic-looking sites, but it will also be useful in revamping older websites, giving them a modern look and feel. It also gives the reader information on the latest thinking, techniques and future direction of the web.

The book is not aimed at beginners so some prior knowledge will be useful, however it is written in plain English that is easy to follow and enjoyable to read. It is not an end-to-end reference book but more of a primer to get started with various topics.

The author has also written a book on CSS3 and so has the experience and background knowledge to encourage decent web development as CSS3 and JavaScript are now almost synonymous with HTML.

The code samples within the book work well alongside a bibliography and suggested further reading sections at the end of each of the chapters.

The Modern Web should be on every web developer’s bookshelf!

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July 2013