Idea to iPhone

Carla White

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Uma Kanagaratnam MBCS, Application Support Specialist


10 out of 10

The late 90s and early 2000 saw the dot-com boom and bust. Presently we are experiencing a great interest in mobile application. Everybody has had an idea for a mobile application, but do we know how to capitalise on the idea?

In this book, Carla White has taken a unique approach, walking the reader though a process from conception of an idea through delivering a complete application.

There are seven chapters in the book. Chapter 1 is about kicking off your app adventure. It helps the reader get over their fears and provides a basic guide on what is required to get started.

Chapter 2 is about turning ideas into apps that people want. In this chapter the focus is on the importance of research, marketing and understanding the needs of the audience the application is targeted at.

Chapter 3 concentrates on designing apps. The author’s approach is to get the design on paper first, and then progressing with the prototype. Chapter 4 is about developing and testing the app, with the help of a developer if necessary.

Chapter 5 is about what to keep in mind when going live. In chapter 6 the author provides the reader with some very useful information on promoting the app and making a profit. The final chapter is about maintaining the app and the importance of keeping it up-to-date.

The book is well written, in an easy-to-understand style. The author’s first-hand experience helps to create a resourceful guide for those who are interested in taking advantage of this flourishing market and succeeding in it. Throughout the book, the author has provided useful links, tips, visual representations and notes.

The book scores 10 / 10 in terms of content and value for money as it is one of its kind.

Further information: Wiley

August 2013