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Bring Your Own Device The Mobile Computing ChallengeThis is a downloadable e-book that sets out some of the pros, cons and challenges facing IT departments in implementing ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD).

Allowing employees to use equipment of their choice and, going further, their own equipment is seen as a positive thing because it engages the employee by using devices that they have positively chosen and are happy with whilst at the same time potentially reducing hardware costs for the company.

However, this freedom of choice for the employee and current IT department controls raises a fundamental dichotomy. Where do the user experience and corporate management begin and end? There is, or will be, a definite blurring of the boundary between home and work IT equipment.

This book does well at raising awareness of the issues associated with BYOD, so that IT departments can begin to formulate a strategic vision. It is a collection of discussion papers covering various aspects of this IT challenge and even includes a discussion of why not to allow BYOD.

As you would expect, all the articles discuss what BYOD could mean to your company, but there is no roadmap or concrete advice one way or the other. It’s too early in the day to provide that, but that does not detract from the facts and opinions presented in the book, which give the reader a better understanding of the challenges that lie ahead. The corporate IT department will need to come up with their own plan to address the issues for your particular company, but this book does provide a sound basis from which to begin your journey.

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October 2013