Requirements Management

Mario Kossmann

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Adrian Rossi PhD, CTO & Founder ARC Inc


10 out of 10

If you are looking for a comprehensive, practical guide to gathering requirements across all disciplines that will work in the real world then look no further.

It always surprises me how the most concise books (this one comes in at under 200 pages) in many cases pack the most amount of valuable insight and information into them. There are even templates included, which I find immensely useful and time-saving.

If you are an analyst, architect or even a software developer, you can benefit from reading this book with its insights into the most critical process in any software development lifecycle: understanding exactly, unambiguously, what it is you are trying to build.

In this book you will find guidance not only from a technical perspective, but also the human aspects are addressed - how to manage the client so that the requirements you gather are the best possible description of their needs.

Finally, the book discusses how to manage requirements over many iterations of the software development lifecycle. It is important to be able to track changes to requirements. A great addition to your reference library, and a must-buy.

Further information: Gower

November 2013