Microsoft SharePoint 2013: Planning for Adoption and Governance

Geoff Evelyn

Published by

Microsoft Press               





Reviewed by

Raj Sharma MBCS CITP SharePoint Consultant


9 out of 10

SharePoint 2013: Planning for Adoption and Governance is not a book about the ‘how to configure or develop with SharePoint’; rather it takes a step back and looks at the reasons and rationale for actually deciding whether SharePoint is the right tool and why it should be implemented and what the drivers for it are.

Many SharePoint projects are aimed solely at the’ how’ rather than the ‘why’. The strength of this book is that it focusses on how to define a strategy and roadmap for a successful SharePoint implementation. The author gives real-world examples of how to do things, what to avoid and how to get the most of the product in an easy-to-read and accessible way.

The book also covers user adoption and governance, which are two key areas that are often overlooked when SharePoint is implemented, but are vital to the overall success.

It also looks at key tasks such as defining a business case, gathering requirements and setting up committees in order to provide SharePoint consultants, SharePoint business analysts and business users with the knowledge they require. The principles in this book can help establish an overarching information architecture for an organisation.

Although it is not essential to be an expert in SharePoint, some background knowledge of SharePoint (even earlier versions) would be beneficial in order to get the most value from the book. The book contains wealth of information and anyone adhering to the principles that the author outlines will definitely benefit from a successful SharePoint implementation.

This book is highly recommended for anyone involved in a SharePoint project/programme.

Further information: Microsoft Press

December 2013