Making expert comment easier

16 December 2013

The BCS ELITE Group is planning to put together an industry commentary group to generate content on current IT issues and make it easier for industry leaders and experts to give their views.

ELITE Group members have valuable insight that could benefit both the industry and other BCS members but, by definition of where they are in their career, are busy and in fast moving industries. So, although they may have little time for writing polished prose, this new approach is intended to help more expert members contribute to ELITE and BCS whilst reducing the impact on their resources.

To do this ELITE will publish quarterly calls for discussion on topics chosen by the committee via the ELITE Group on LinkedIn, to encourage contributions from any member of up to 250 words. These will be collated and edited into reports for publication to ELITE members, and then on the main editorial area of the BCS website. The reports will be published as an ‘IT industry ELITE commentary.’

All response authors will be credited, even if their response doesn’t make it into the final report, with the best contribution by a member acknowledged at ELITE’s AGM.

To get involved join the BCS Elite Group on LinkedIn.