Governance of IT

Alison Holt

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Adrian Rossi PhD, CTO & Founder ARC Inc


8 out of 10

Governance of IT: An executive guide to ISO/IEC 38500IT governance means many things to many people. In the end it is really about making the right decisions with respect to your IT organisation.

This book is a very practical walk-through of all the main governance dimensions - people, policies and process - and how to address each in order to be successful.

It does so from an anecdotal perspective, which is valuable due to the author's experience in this area, but at the same time it keeps the discussion from exploring areas that the author has not had direct experience with.

Nevertheless, all the main lessons are here, from the important of communication, to policies that are inclusive and effective and solid project management and of course the use of standards. I recommend it for sure.

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January 2014