The Basics of Cloud Computing

Derrick Rountree and Illeana Castrillo

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Mike Rees MBCS CITP, IT Consultant


7 out of 10

This 170-page book is aimed at those ‘looking to familiarize themselves with cloud computing technology’. It takes us from a basic introduction to the cloud through to operating a cloud environment. 

There are separate chapters on 

  • the four cloud deployment models (public, private, community and hybrid clouds);
  • some of the cloud service models (including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DbaaS and DaaS);
  • cloud adoption - a summary of options;
  • evaluation of cloud security - including a very lengthy checklist;
  • operating a cloud 

Given the authors’ backgrounds, the content is, not unsurprisingly, technically comprehensive and with a heavy bias towards security.

It is a bit of a gamble writing a book on a fast-moving technology such as this - particularly when it can take up to three years to go from script to publication. However, the basic cloud deployment and cloud service principles and models explored in the book still largely apply today, even if the number and scope of cloud service models and cloud service providers has continued to evolve since the book was written.

Whilst the book does have the advantage of vendor/product independence, it is competing with free contemporary online resources (such as those available from the Cloud Security Alliance).

As an introduction for IT professionals and as background reading for some exam-based courses, it serves the purpose. However, because of its length and technical content, this book would probably not be appropriate for certain other categories of readership such as business owners/managers.

Further information: Power Publishers

February 2014