Cyber Security and IT Infrastructure Protection

John Vacca (ed.)

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Reviewed by

Mike Rees MBCS CITP, IT Consultant


7 out of 10

The book consists of some 15 chapters, each one a contribution by a leading expert in his/her field. The editor is also an expert in his own right, having written some 73 books on IS and related matters over the past 30 years or so.

Described by the editor as a ‘derivative book’, there is plenty of theoretical and practical material spread over the 350 pages. This can be summarised into perhaps four key areas:

  • cyber warfare and security;
  • cryptography, PKI and encryption;
  • biometrics;
  • security and access controls.

As well as a large number of references, each chapter ends with some quizzes and exercises with the solutions available from the ‘Online Instructor’s Solutions Manual’. However, this additional material is only available to those doing a course or who are affiliated to a university.

The book is aimed at a fairly wide audience including IT/IS managers and IS security and disaster recovery specialists, as well as students studying information security management.

Even if some of the chapters such as those on homeland security, advanced encryption and satellite cyber security may not be relevant to all classes of readers in all geographical regions, there should still be enough material to provide value. However, excluding the quizzes and exercises, each chapter only averages some 20 pages - and most of the topics easily warrant a book or books in their own right.

Overall though, a well-produced book with some good diagrams and charts. However, it is very unfortunate that, unlike a student, the practitioner cannot get access to the online answers to the quizzes and case studies.

Further information: Syngress

February 2014