BCS partners with The Sunday Telegraph on Big Data Report


As you may know, BCS has been invited to partner with The Big Data Report which will be distributed in the Daily Telegraph on 30 March 2014 (Telegraph readership 1.4 million / Target audience 100,000 c-level executives), as well as online (20,000 visitors to the website per month).

The phrase Big Data has become ubiquitous of late and there is a lot of confusion about what exactly is applies to. Even though companies appear to be aware of the phrase, they don’t know how they can harness it and use it to their advantage. The kind of insight that can be derived from investing in data can be the difference between triumph or failure and companies don’t understand the true value of their data and how they can extract maximum value from it; producing truly triumphant results.

This is why the Big Data Report is coming out. It is designed to educate companies into what they can achieve if they invest in using their data. So when CEOs/CSOs and CIOs are reading the report, they are looking for experts to help them unlock the value of their data. If that sounds like you, get in touch.

I am informed that approx 70% of participating companies in last year’s Big Data Report have signed up for this year’s report which indicates that the majority of companies saw a good return on their investment. View the other reports

As part of our partnership, BCS have secured a 30% reduction on rate card investments. There are very few sponsored editorial positions available.

Our contact, Ben Ruffell will be pleased to discuss on a no-obligation basis how you can get involved with the Big Data report and make the most of this opportunity. Ben is available on 0208 349 6460 and benr@lyonsdown.co.uk.