Penultimate XP security patch


With just under a month left before Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP, the company has issued the penultimate update for the OS.

The patch fixes five issues, two are critical, one of which is a zero-day vulnerability. In fact the five issues affect all flavours of Windows and aren’t limited to XP. However, this does show that although XP has been available for over 14 years issues are still being found with it.

Microsoft set 8 April 2014 as the day it will stop issuing updates for the OS and it has said that users will start to see update messages encouraging them to upgrade.

There is nothing new about companies ending support for a product, the trouble with Windows XP is that according to statistics from the website 29 per cent of computers that connect to the internet are still running the software.

Although March's Patch Tuesday will fix these problems, and April's will fix other issues, new ones will no doubt still exist with no fixes forthcoming which will leave a lot of un-patched and potentially vulnerable  machines out there.

One of the major tenets of information security is to make sure that all the software that you run is patched and updated, however, the end of support for XP takes this away so users will need to rectify that.