Understanding the new ISO Management System Requirements

David Brewer

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Raj Sharma MBCS CITP, SharePoint Consultant


7 out of 10

Understanding the new ISO Management System Requirements is aimed at those who are involved with management systems and explains the new annex (Annex SL) to the ISO. The standards were updated in early 2012 in an attempt to drive commonality amongst management system standards.

This standard specifies that elements common to all management systems should be worded the same, and the aim of the book is to explain the new requirements and how they relate to the existing ones and to show how familiar concepts have been updated.

The author, David Brewer, has a wealth of experience working with management systems, and this knowledge certainly comes out in the book. The book is more of a pocket guide or quick reference manual and is on the brief side at less than 85 pages, however the content is well-laid out and the diagrams are excellent.

The book contains four chapters, with chapter 1 covering the basics including a high-level overview of the management standards. Chapter 2 looks at management system concepts, with a useful section on definitions. Chapters 3 and 4 look at the new requirements and how to transition from an existing management system to a new version of a management system that conforms to the Annex SL.

The book also covers some fundamental areas for management systems including policy and objectives, operations, monitoring and measurement, audits and review as well as support.

Although the book assumes no prior knowledge of management systems, it would certainly be beneficial to have some background in this area as this would supplement the contents of the book.

In terms of value for money, the book is on the expensive side but the content is good and presents a useful addition to your management reference library.

Further information: BSI

March 2014