Project Risk Governance

Dieter Fink

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A P Sutcliffe PG Dip CCI MBCS


7 out of 10

If project management is about ‘doing things right’, then project governance is about ‘doing the right things’ - i.e. about ensuring that the project receives the correct strategic planning at the highest level so it is cleared as appropriate before extensive work begins.

As part of that, risk governance is about understanding what corporate issues might cause a project to be derailed at the various stages; and then how this might translate to problems at the project delivery level.

The book also offers some advice on how to understand the causes of these issues and suggests an approach that might be of value in determining a suitable course of action to address any such problems. It offers recommendations on strategic action to counter such issues and many checklists that could deliver clear direction in formulating plans.

I regret to say that I found the book to be quite dry and, at times, rather tedious. However, it should be highlighted that it is extremely well researched and makes use of considerable academic referencing, giving it the weight of careful analysis.

All of this makes me think that it was written primarily to be a text book for students learning project management as part of advanced academical studies, rather than for practitioners of project management.

The text is very well structured, but I suspect that it is so that it can be read in the short bursts necessary to allow the specific concepts to then be discussed in depth within a group. This would be of value within the classroom; it might be of lesser value to a busy project manager who needs to be able to link the key topics together rather more quickly.

There are a few case studies in the book; however, these have been heavily anonymised. I feel that this detracts from their value somewhat as it is not so easy to put the information into the right context so that they provide an appropriate cautionary tale, or to highlight good practice that might be of value elsewhere.

Overall, a book that is probably of great value in the lecture theatre; not so much for those dealing with live projects.

Further information: Gower

April 2014