Social Media Security

Michael Cross

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A P Sutcliffe PG Dip CCI, MBCS


8 out of 10

Social media is becoming a key tool for many organisations, allowing personnel to collaborate with each other, communicate with customers, suppliers or other stakeholders in a faster, more personal way than ever before. However, using such tools brings major risks with it; and it can be a huge problem for both the business and the individual when things go wrong.

This book highlights the benefits and the pitfalls of working in this way, whilst providing useful information on how to avoid the most common errors. The author has tremendous understanding in this field and his expertise makes it a highly valuable reference for anyone that has been tasked with managing a company social media strategy.

Although one might think initially that the book is entirely about managing risk, it actually does provide a lot more information about using social media to get the most effective use from it. It also has some valuable content on what aspects to consider when planning a social media strategy or trying to regulate one that is spinning out of control. It’s clear that this book could be of significant value to non-technical people as well as those that are more involved in the actual delivery of the relevant systems.

However, it should also be emphasised that this book provides a high-level view of the way to tackle the problem, rather than being a technical manual on how to harden the security within given systems.

It’s not a lightweight book; there is a great deal to read and it does cover a large amount of ground, some of it in some detail. However, it can be read in stages as it is broken down into chapters that tend to stand alone quite well. It has a large amount of references that show the author has taken great care to validate his views and provide a balanced opinion on some of the aspects that he proposes.

Although it seems to have a slightly more US-centric view of the internet, this should not put off anyone from reading this book. The cautionary tales sprinkled throughout the book are as relevant elsewhere in the world and, no doubt, there are many other events that could be highlighted to show the importance of ensuring that a sensible approach to using social media is adopted as early as possible.

I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable read if perhaps a lengthy one.

Further information: Syngress

April 2014