Disaster Robotics

Robin R. Murphy

Published by

MIT Press





Reviewed by

Sheila Bullas MBCS CITP


9 out of 10

This book aims to provide a comprehensive description of how and where robotics has been used in disaster situations. It is intended to be a resource for researchers, practitioners and the public.

A readable text requiring no great technical knowledge, and with good use of pictures, a glossary, extensive references and an index helps to achieve these aims.

Following a broad overview of rescue robotics, the author describes the 34 deployments to date of robots to disasters worldwide, starting with their use in 2001 at the World Trade Center and covering use in hurricanes and earthquakes, floods, mine accidents, nuclear emergency and other natural and manmade disasters. There is discussion of how and why these deployments have succeeded or failed.

The author goes on to describe the typical modalities of ground, aerial and marine; modalities that have developed independently. She then provides extensive practical advice for conducting fieldwork and providing robust data for future research and development and outlines the current outstanding gaps and research questions.

An excellent book.

Further information: MIT Press

May 2014