Windows 8.1 Administration Pocket Consultant: Storage, Security, & Networking

William R. Stanek

Published by

Microsoft Press





Reviewed by

Uma Kanagaratnam MBCS, Senior Product Support Specialist


8 out of 10

William R. Stanek’s name has become synonymous with Microsoft books over the years and he is considered a leading authority when it comes to Microsoft products.

Windows 8.1 provides users with better and improved aspects of the OS, and this book focuses on the storage, security and networking features of Windows 8.1. It is organised into several chapters, starting with understanding firmware and boot configuration, and taking the reader on a journey of the start-up process.

The next chapter looks at drive encryption. The Bitlocker Drive encryption is a security feature that provides better data protection. BitLocker can work with or without TPM (Trusted Platform Module).

TPM is a microchip built into a computer that stores encryption keys. This chapter is quite hands-on, giving the reader a good, practical insight into the topic. Further chapters provide coverage on storage configuration, user configuration, data access and network configuration.

The book is a quick reference guide, following set-up in a clear and logical sequence. It is easy to follow and each topic covered can be read independently. While it is by no means a single exhaustive source of reference as advocated by the author, it contains enough details for readers who are interested in getting an understanding of Windows 8.1.

The book scores 8/10 in terms of content and value for money. Some colours to highlight certain elements, i.e. best practices, caution, important, note, security, alert and so on, would have been helpful.

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June 2014