Enterprise Content Management with Microsoft SharePoint

Christopher D. Riley, Shadrach White

Published by

Microsoft Press





Reviewed by

Raj Sharma MBCS CITP, SharePoint Consultant


9 out of 10

Enterprise Content Management with Microsoft SharePoint looks at enterprise content management (ECM) and how this can be achieved using Microsoft SharePoint.

The book takes a slightly different but refreshing approach and looks at what ECM is and how this can be implemented. It takes ECM as a set of practices, processes and methodologies and applies these to SharePoint.

The book dissects the planning and configuration effort required to capture, store, process, manage, deliver and finally preserve content.

Although not in colour, there are plenty of screenshots and diagrams that clearly explain core concepts along with quick tips and also notes ‘from the field’ that are based on the real-life experiences of the authors.

One of the chapters looks at building and ECM team, as the people element in any project or implementation is key particularly around roles and responsibilities, and another chapter looks at user adoption in more detail. These are two areas that are often neglected in projects but often vital to their success.

The book really helps to understand and build a solid and robust information architecture as organisations usually have unstructured content and no easy, identifiable way to structure this data. It is aimed at information architects, information managers, business analysts and knowledge workers and would be a useful addition to any project.

It is highly recommended for any SharePoint project/programme. It is applicable to earlier versions of SharePoint (e.g. SharePoint 2010) but is aimed at SharePoint 2013 both online and on-premises.

Further information: Microsoft Press

August 2014