Professional SharePoint 2013 Development

Reza Alirezaei et al

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Raj Sharma MBCS CITP, SharePoint Consultant


5 out of 10

Professional SharePoint 2013 Development is written by a series of SharePoint MVPs with various areas of expertise that come together to contribute their knowledge.

The book starts in the first couple chapters with an overview of SharePoint 2013 architecture and new features that are quite different from earlier versions, and this will well explained.

Subsequent chapters look at SharePoint Developers tools and what is required to develop successfully. The core of the book focuses on SharePoint 2013 with Azure, Workflow, InfoPath, Social Applications and developing apps.

The book itself is quite wordy and serves more as a reference book, to be used in conjunction with MSDN and other technical resources to achieve the desired result. However, it is possible to download code samples from the website.

It does lack actual development examples and sometimes doesn’t delve into a proper explanation of why things happen and this makes serious development difficult. For example, one area that the book doesn’t cover in detail is branding and user interface design.

A better title for the book would have been something like “A Professional SharePoint 2013 Reference Manual” as quite a lot of the content is background to the actual topic, which a SharePoint developer should already familiar with and more relevant to a SharePoint Matter Expert (SME).

The book gets 5 out of 10 as it is well detailed with some good diagrams, but does need to be better organised in places.

Further information: Wiley

September 2014