Governance of Enterprise IT based on COBIT 5

Geoff Harmer

Published by

IT Governance





Reviewed by

Adrian Rossi PhD, CTO & Founder Arc Inc


7 out of 10

I was expecting this book to provide more of a hands-on, step-by-step, process-centric coverage of COBIT 5 given it has the words ‘management guide’ in the subtitle. Instead, what I read was essentially a survey of COBIT5, describing it parts and its relationships to other frameworks such as TOGAF and ITIL. This was not a bad thing for me.

This is a small book, more like a pocket-book guide really, and its fully packed with concise, factual information that can be used for reference by any practitioner.

It is not really helpful as far as telling you how to practice COBIT5, but it does contain a good collection of resources (maps, matrices, and other artifacts) to help you on your way. I recommend this book as a quick reference guide on COBIT5.

Further information: IT Governance

October 2014