Social eCommerce

Stephan Spencer, Jimmy Harding, Jennifer Sheahan

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A P Sutcliffe PG Dip CCI, MBCS


7 out of 10

Most businesses have created an online presence to reach new markets and promote their products or services to customers. In many cases, this can then lead to them using a number of different social media products in order to reach new clients and build effective relationships with them.

However, in many cases business owners find that the end results are not what they expected; and despite all of their work, they are unable to identify precisely why their efforts don’t produce the anticipated results.

This book sets out to offer a process for developing an online marketing strategy that could be used by almost any business; and it covers a very wide range of activities that might prove to be of value to almost any organisation. It’s based on the experience of the authors, who offer a considerable amount of guidance on how to use social media to stand out from the crowd.

It discusses the whole process from creating a strategy to the selection of the different methods used to promote the goods or services. It also offers some comparisons of the merits of the various different platforms; and provides some useful material to show how a plan might be put into action.

There are also warnings about how to avoid getting too caught up in the whole process and losing sight of what the work is actually trying to achieve: an increase in sales.

I will say that I thought the book had a fairly strong bias towards the USA. Although much of the material might well work elsewhere, there are a number of items that might actually have a completely different result if used within the UK market; and some care might be needed not to go down a route that would alienate potential customers.

Despite that, it is an easy book to read; it’s well laid out with a clear structure that allows the non-technical person to build their knowledge in simple steps. It’s surprising just how much ground is covered in such a short volume and in how much depth.

Overall, this is a book that might be worth considering if you are looking to refresh your online marketing activities.

Further information: O'Reilly

November 2014