Security Architect

Jon Collins

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Peter Daly BA CEng MBCS CITP


9 out of 10

Security Architect Book CoverIn the IT industry the problem with the word 'architect' is that it is commonly mis-used and people apply it without any real idea of what it means in their job title or LinkedIn profile to make themselves seem to be more exotic than they actually are within their skill set.

Fortunately, with this book we can get an accurate description of one such job role - that of security architect - and use the information provided to determine whether you truly merit the title.

The book itself is very well written and is a concise reference to the role of a security architect. It's handy enough to slip into the inside pocket of your jacket and even though it's only 134 pages it still manages to pack in all the essential information about the role. There are comprehensive links to other sources of information too.

Some of the chapters are just a couple of pages long (e.g. chapter 7 ‘A day in the life of a security architect’) whilst others are much more detailed, and this makes it quite easy to read. Indeed, you could glance at chapter 7 and see how your day measures up. After reading this book I realised that I've only met two real architects in my entire IT career but I met a lot of people who think they are!

If you truly believe that you merit the title of architect, then read this book - you may decide to reconsider such a lofty title when you don't match the role. Highly recommended. The only reason I did not give it a full 10 stars is that the pictures are a little small and (some are) complex. Perhaps putting them in landscape orientation may have helped.

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December 2014