Service Desk and Incident Manager

Peter Wheatcroft

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Uma Kanagaratnam MBCS, Senior Product Support Specialist


10 out of 10

Service desk and incident managerAs per ITIL, the service desk is the central point of contact between service providers and users on a daily basis. It is also a focal point for reporting incidents and making service requests.

This book is a very informative read with clear explanation provided of what an IT service desk should be. It is a short, well-structured book, with useful links, and is an easy read.

The author’s aim is to provide the readers with an understanding of what comprises a service desk. He emphasises the difference between the service desk being a function and incident management being a process.

The chapters are structured around a discussion of the role of the service desk manager, the required skills as well as the tools and a reference guide to good practises. 

The author gives a list of abbreviations and definitions at the start of the book, which helps readers who are new to the service desk get an understanding of these terminologies.

The case studies at the end of the book show to the readers that the challenges faced by the service desk manager are generic across a wide variety of business sectors. 

The book scores 10/10 in terms of content and value for money. It provides an excellent introduction to the service desk. Readers of all levels working in service delivery will surely benefit from the practical guidance provided.

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January 2015