Excellence in IT Achieving success in an Information Technology career

Warren C. Zabloudil

Published by

Universal Publishers





Reviewed by

Mike Rees MBCS CITP, IT Consultant


8 out of 10

This short book is designed to provide some handy solutions to “virtually everything a computer career involves and outlines how to rise to the top of your field while looking after your personal happiness”.

The book takes us through:

  • the four attributes of IT excellence;
  • bad habits;
  • stress management;
  • understanding the end-user;
  • skill-set management; and
  • team membership.

The book concentrates on soft-skills with only passing references to specialist IT skills and specific IT jobs and IT career paths. This is probably deliberate, as many firms now put as much if not more emphasis on soft-skills rather than raw technical ability. 

This publication is probably of most use to new entrants to the world of IT but newbies to other service-based sectors will find some of the material useful.

The author uses his twenty-five years’ IT experience to try and categorise people’s traits and behaviour patterns, for example bad techies are categorised into nine different types, and stress is divided up into seven different causes.

These classifications are useful, however, those fresh to a working environment should bear in mind that people and events are much more complex in reality and that there are overlaps.

Most of the book concentrates on being part of a larger team, but now and then the author also refers to the effects and implications on those working solo or in much smaller environments.

I’ll mention an example of one of the goals promoted in the book - “Always maintain a strong work ethic”. Why is this important? Because one day you might just end up in charge of your latter day equals.

Possibly a little over-priced at £20, but it is well-written and there are 150 pages of genuine text.

An interesting little book that actually has some useful content for all who aspire to improve their soft-skills in whatever their chosen career - and not just IT.

Further information: Universal Publishers

February 2015