Big Data using smart big data analytics and metrics to make better decisions and improve performance

Bernard Marr

Published by

John Wiley & Sons Ltd





Reviewed by

Deryn Graham FBCS, Senior Lecturer


9 out of 10

The tone of this book is most definitely pro Big Data (and analytics). Marr does, however, rightly acknowledge “the dark side” and “Big Data backlash” with respect to the collection and use of big data and analytics.

The book essentially describes a model called SMART, devoting a chapter to each letter of the acronym. It should be noted that this acronym is already used in business to mean something completely different.

It avoids technical terms. The book is probably aimed more at the non-technical business user, as an introduction to Big Data and analytics, with examples of their use.

Well written and well informed (up to date references), not overly academic and definitely not too technical, an enjoyable and interesting read.

Recommended as a good introduction to the concepts and uses of Big Data and analytics.

Priced at £12.99 the paperback also represents very good value for money.

Further information: John Wiley & Sons Ltd

April 2016