SharePoint Records Management and Metadata

Alfred de Weerd

Published by

N/A, Self-published





Reviewed by

Mr Raj Sharma, MBCS, CITP


7 out of 10

SharePoint Records Management and Metadata explores the somewhat confusing world of records management, its application and use that can be a particular dry and confusing subject especially for the end user or those with limited practical experience.

The book is aimed primarily at those looking to implement records management, that is Records Managers that are more commonly known as Information Managers. It is also useful for SharePoint administrators, developers and SharePoint subject matter experts who require an understanding of this specialist subject.

The book starts with a good introduction of what constitutes a record and this is a fundamental basis for records management alongside document management and web content management. It also covers the range of topics expected within this niche area of SharePoint, namely retention and disposition, auditing, record centres and in-place records management, content types and hubs, document sets and also case management. An entire chapter is dedicated to metadata and taxonomy which are the backbone of records management and details how important it is to get this right for the organisation. The book finishes briefly by looking at the Dublin Core Metadata set including the fifteen elements that can be used in describing documents. Other useful features are two chapters dedicated to workable demos, one for design and another for configuration as these help when creating a solution.

Although the book is informative and detailed it does need to engage the user more and perhaps the author could have used colour to highlight some of the key records management concepts along with some further real life examples. The flow and continuity of the book could also be improved as it feels like a collection of topics put together rather than logical steps in places.

Overall, it is worth having this book in your collection although it would be useful to gain a prior understanding of records management and supplement this knowledge with other sources.

April 2016