Introduction to Evolutionary Computing

A.E. Eiben & J.E. Smith

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Reviewed by

Barry Wilkes


9 out of 10

This book aims to give a thorough introduction to evolutionary computing, covering techniques and methodological issues. It is divided into three sections. The first covers the basics of evolutionary computing, starting with a brief history of the field and ending with a description of popular evolutionary algorithm variants. The second section discusses methodological issues, specifically parameter tuning and performance measures. The final section is a bit of a catch all, entitled ‘Advanced Topics.’

I enjoyed the coverage in this last section on hybrid evolutionary algorithms, where an evolutionary computing approach is combined with heuristic methods.

I feel that the book does a good job of giving a general overview of the field. It assumes very little initial knowledge and the breath of its coverage is very impressive. If anything, this is the book’s weakness as I did find that it was lacking in detail at times. However, the supporting website does contain suggested further reading for each of the chapters.

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May 2016