Scrum: Novice to Ninja

M David Green

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ISBN 978-0994346919
RRP £18.99
Reviewed by Jim McGhie CEng, MBCS, CITP
Score 9 out of 10

I would recommend this excellent book to anyone who wants to learn Scrum from the beginning. Only a basic background in project management is required to grasp and apply the fundamentals of the Scrum methodology as presented in this easy to understand book.

Agile software engineering methods have emerged to provide iterative, flexible and sustainable procedures for running a product engineering operation.

Scrum is considered to be amongst the most favoured agile methodology for web and mobile development currently in use today. M David Green’s hands-on book starts by providing a brief history of the methodology along with a comparison of it alongside the better known waterfall method. The remainder of the book is set in the context of a fictional web development organization about to adopt Scrum as their chosen development method.  

The major roles in the team are highlighted in the next section together with their current frustrations and concerns about adopting Scrum. The essentials are well covered by the author explaining in detail the roles, rituals and artifacts associated with the methodology.

The second part of the book moves away from the less tangible ideas of Scrum by explaining how Scrum operates in practice and how best to apply the methodology in the context of an actual project. It does so by first considering the elements of the Scrum contact, moving on to the lifecycle aspects of a ‘story’ i.e. what needs to be developed by the team.  

The last two chapters deal with the arguments for adopting Scrum together with the best way an organization can go about adapting to changing to the methodology.

The book is intended for individuals working in a team building web or mobile applications. However, it will also be of interest to individuals currently using Scrum and needing to improve on current results. My only criticism of the book is in its failing to provide a comprehensive index which would act as a quick look up guide for anyone wishing to locate the various Scrum terms. I award the book nine out of ten for its readability and value for money.

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May 2016