Agile Foundations: Principles, practices and frameworks

Peter Measey

Published by
ISBN 9781780172545
RRP £24.99
Reviewed by Adrian Rossi
Score 8 out of 10

There are really three types of IT book: those you read to learn something new; those you read to become an expert in something you already know; and those that simply bring all of the wisdom on a particular topic together under the same cover. This book is in this last category. It accurately, clearly, succinctly and objectively summarises the state of the art in Agile as of the time of writing.

Instead of diving deep it simply references all the definitive sources for each principle, technique or practice it describes. In this way it is under 200 pages and makes itself an excellent reference book to use when Google lets you down.

In summary this is a well-researched, thorough compendium of Agile practices, and well worth keeping close at hand as you navigate Agile development within your organisation.

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May 2016