Declarative Elm Disease

Thursday 10 November 2016, 6.00pm - 8.00pm
Refreshments available from 6.00pm, networking with food and wine after the talk.

The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA.
The nearest underground stations are Covent Garden and Charing Cross.


Jason Dryhurst-Smith, Senior Engineer and Architectural Working Group Lead at MarketInvoice


You and your team have started using a Lisp or an ML on the server, productivity and quality went through the roof, but your web client is a mess of imperative jQuery or (insert modern SPA web framework). I took a journey to learn how someone else had solved similar problems and as it turned out, of course, there are many solutions, but one of my favourites is Elm. Elm is a functional (reactive) language that transpiles to Javascript.

In this talk I will take you on a whistle stop tour of ‘getting things done’ in Elm and why many of the Elm runtime's architectural choices are great general approaches to learn and apply to a diverse set of problems, even if you only build CLIs.

About the Speaker:

Jason Dryhurst-SmithJason Dryhurst-Smith, Engineer at MarketInvoice



Jason is an engineer and has worked on almost every layer of the OSI stack over the last 10 years. He started his engineering life as an instrumentation engineer for the Flight Test and Experimental Operations arm of Agusta Westland, moving to further defense roles with Dytecna building vehicle health monitoring and IED defeat systems, and then to Advanced Computer Software to help build the next generation of health and care management services. He is currently a senior engineer and architectural working group lead at MarketInvoice, a London based fintech company aiming to democratise cash flow management for SMEs by the way of peer-to-peer lending and invoice finance. He is passionate about solving difficult real world problems with pragmatic applications of innovative technology and practices.


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