IT Service Management: Support for your ITSM Foundation exam

Ernest Brewster, Richard Griffiths, Aidan Lawes  & John Sansbury

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ISBN 978-1780173184
RRP £21.99
Reviewed by Uma Kanagaratnam Member BCS, Managed Services Consultant
Score 10 out of 10

This book is the latest offering from BCS and provides a comprehensive outlook for those interested in the ITIL Foundation exam or just an understanding of service management. The book has been written by 4 authors who have varied experience in the service management field.

Readers will find the book informative. It is easy to read as it provides an all-inclusive overview including guidance on the latest ITIL business processes with real-life examples.

As the readers delve into the book we start with Section 1 providing an overview of service management. Swiftly we progress to Section 2 where the authors explore the service lifecycle. This consists of 5 stages starting with service strategy which enables a business to map out the service intended to be provided. The service design, transition and operation implement the devised strategy.

Finally the continual service improvement stage measures and evaluates what has been implemented. This is to safeguard the business by ensuring continuous learning, helping to position the business with benefits.

Section 3 is the central backbone of the book. Each chapter is dedicated to the service management process and functions individually. The final section is dedicated to measurement, metrics and the Deming cycle. In order to be able to improve an operation or service for example, it is vital to be able to measure it to establish a benchmark to ensure continuous service improvement. There is a single appendix included for exam techniques for anyone who is preparing for their ITIL Foundation exam.

The book scores 10 / 10 in terms of content and value for money. It is a useful reference for any reader who is looking for an insight to service management. By this point it is needless to emphasize that this is a handbook covering everything that is needed to be known for any individual wishing to embark on the ITIL Foundation certification.

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August 2016